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Our main front of stage cameras are three Sony VX2100E cameras and the shoulder mounted Sony VX9000E

Our 'onstage' cameras are two Canon XM2 cameras. One is usually fitted to an automated power-panner to get panned shots of the audience from the stage.

Sony VX2100E  


These are all 3-chip broadcast quality cameras and offer an ideal combination of camera size, handling and portability for the environments in which we film.

They are also excellent in the variable lighting conditions we film under and especially in low light which is the achilles heal of many camcorders

    Sony VX9000E    

In addition to the 6 main camera we have 6 smaller cameras which are used in various static positions around the venue


Canon XM2


We have an ever-evolving audio recording rig which records multi-track to hard disk. We currently have a capability to record up to 26-Tracks of audio.